Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cadillaaaaaac Dinner

So! Each year, Isobel and Jude's school holds a big fundraising dinner and auction. This year I co-chaired the auction part with my friend Dani. We worked hard and learned a lot. Here are some of the things I learned:
  • I'm not really a great leader, but I CAN follow directions
  • I know nothing about planning events
  • Local businesses here in Greensboro are very kind and generous in their support of B'nai Shalom
  • Brooke is GREAT at getting out there and talking to people and asking for things. (I already knew this, but I was reminded.)
  • I miss my kids when I'm away from them a lot.
But you know what? The dinner itself was really fun and successful. I loved seeing so many of my fellow mom friends lookin' fancy! I took advantage of the opportunity to buy a new dress (which I'll also get to wear to Brooke's cousin's wedding in April) and get a professional updo for the first time ever! Unfortunately Brooke was out of state for a food show; it would have been more fun if he had been there for the culmination, especially since he helped so much with all the preparation. Next year I hope we'll be able to attend together.

Don't you love that fabulous pin curl? (Thanks again, Hayley!)
Of course I can't write an entire post without mentioning and presenting photos of my children, so here are some recent favorites:

See? They're still cute. Here are some tidbits about them: Jude has skipped his nap for three days in a row now. I'm starting to worry that the end is near for my long, quiet afternoons. :( On a happier note, Isobel can write her name! She puts a smiley face in the "O" every time, which I think makes her name an adorably accurate representation of her happy, sweet personality.
After watching videos of my niece, Amélie, I realized that it's been ages since I took a video of Jude. So a couple of nights ago I took this one of him and Stella. Enjoy!


sallysue said...

Holy Hannah is Stella a good pup pup! My doggies would definitely not have tolerated that!

And your children _are_ adorable. And you looked so purdy all dressed up! I've yet to get my hair - did!

Megan said...

You look so pretty!! How fun to get all dressed up! And yes, your children are still cute ;)

the sleepy time gal said...

I am so glad to hear it was fun! You look wonderful. Can't wait to see the dress in April.