Friday, December 26, 2008

Jolly ol' Saint Brooke and his Wee Imp, Christina

Boy, was 2008 awful! Let's sum it up in two words: Crash (and) Burn. Ah well, how can we complain when we've got friends and family so willing to fill the air with good cheer? Gad, here are some now!

My wife, good Christina, loves latkes. Imps love latkes. It was cold at the Denver Christmas Market that night. Christina was cold that night. Therefore we can infer that Christina is a latke-loving imp who was cold at the Christmas Market...but those aren't latkes, THEY'RE BBRRRRRAAAAAAAIIIIIIINNNSSS!!!

Isobel has some mad Foosball and acrobatic skills and is in the process of scoring her 4th goal in a row. A split second after this picture was snapped she let out a gurgle and flipped over the table and landed in a split that Mary Lou Retton would envy.

I named this sheep "Filthy" for obvious reasons. Isobel called him "ooohhh tadatsch!"

Christmas day came and went but luckily this outfit stayed, compliments of Robert and Casey. Isobel will name you both to Minister Plenipotentiary posts in her Cabinet in the years to come.

Our little clapping, squinting, elf baby.

Happy Holidays, everyone!