Friday, July 1, 2011

Isobel's Room (with shout-outs)

As promised, here is a post about Isobel's room and the many fantastic friends who contributed to it.

Can you spot the remnants of the patriotic teddy bear print? Yep, all that's left of it is the frame, which I painted yellow. I really like the way it draws the eye toward the vinyl peacock decal. A friend, Mary, helped me apply the decal; I'd never done one before. The frame was an easy and cheap project ($5.00 for the print/frame at Goodwill- isn't that kinda steep? And a coat of primer and two coats of paint, both leftover from the nightstand) but not as easy and cheap as the lamp Brooke and I spray-painted a couple of weeks ago.

Last fall, our friend Arminda generously gave us her childhood bedroom set, after her own daughter graduated to more teenagery furniture. The bed, nightstand, and dresser (from a line called Bonnet, by Sears) were in great condition and really cute, but we wanted to make them our own. And I wanted to coordinate with the rug we already had (thanks, Mom Shiff!) and the beautiful blue and yellow fabric art made by Nicole.

So we painted them! This was a big project. Brooke sanded the furniture, then we primed it and painted it and applied the new hardware.

THEN, a couple of months ago, my ultra-talented friend Rachel came over and painted peacocks on the dresser and nightstand. I LOVE them!

I've put way more thought and effort into Isobel's room than any other room in the house, and I love the way it looks now! If only it weren't for those drab purplish-gray walls...
But no. It's time to turn my attention to Jude's pitifully under-decorated room. But first, one more photo of Isobel's bed. I was nervous about painting it turquoise, and it took some convincing to get Brooke on board. But I'm so glad I did.
Have a GREAT holiday weekend, all y'all!