Friday, May 29, 2009

More pictures of Isobel at the zoo.

Trips to the zoo and various local parks are pretty much the only exciting thing we do these days. Luckily, Isobel is just a BABY and so these places continue to thrill her. This most recent time at the zoo, she discovered her power animal. Behold:

Honestly, though, she was entranced, and followed every peacock we saw. She also does a pretty good (loud) imitation of one, and has continued to burst out in peacock song whenever the mood strikes her. Here she is pretending to be a baby peacock in an egg:

Trains do NOT fit the peacock theme. They also happen to be TERRIFYING.

Here we are at a park in Manitou Springs, which is Colorado Springs' hippie nemesis city.

And this is at our local park:

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Howdy pardners. Greetin's from ol' Col'rado Springs. But enough of that. Here is Isobel running around in the back yard in daringly bright shorts.

Robert and Casey visited and we went to the Denver aquarium and saw...THIS!

Isobel went to Nursery for the first time and enjoyed this napkin.

Up the stairs in a pretty green Easter dress.

Royal Gorge.

Isobel got thrown in the slammer for spouting her revolutionary political views around the wrong people. We're gonna bust her out as soon as we get a long fuse connected to a barrel of black powder.

And....we're moving to Greensboro, North Carolina where I will begin yet another Masters Program in School Administration. Here's to looking forward to fried food, hot summers and occasional trips to the Outer Banks!