Sunday, September 25, 2011

Why do I have so much trouble coming up with post titles?

Yay, it's time for our monthly Brookstinobelude update! I'll start posting more when we have more news (which, actually, could be soon) and/or when I have more free time. Stay tuned, bear with me, all that junk. Until then...

We haven't had too many opportunities to hand down clothes from Isobel to Jude, so it's pretty exciting that these skeleton jammies are seeing their second Shiffler family go-round. I love them. I also just really like Stella in both of the photos with Jude. She's like a doggy model or something. Isobel is fresh out of the bath in that photo, so that explains the slicked-back mullet hair.

I don't usually think the kids look much alike, but seeing them at around the same age and wearing the same clothes, I can kinda see some resemblance.

Here they are on the first day of school! I've spread this picture around a bit, so it may not be new to you. I like it because it captures their attitudes toward school and their personalities in general. Isobel is eagerly looking to the next exciting thing; Jude is warily clinging to something solid and safe.

Actually, it's not fair to simplify Jude that way. He's very loving and enthusiastic once he warms up. He totally digs school now. And both of my kids are wonderfully easy-going if we're considering the broad spectrum of neuroticism.

I guess Jude is a sitter and Isobel is a rover.

Moving on, I'm going to post a few images I've been using to make greeting cards, in case anyone wants to use them. Aaaaand, I was going to post "via"s, but I'm too lazy to find the pictures all over again. So I hope nobody gets too mad.

I used the first for a first birthday card, with a number one on the chalkboard. The second and third were for new baby cards, for a girl and boy respectively. I actually upped the exposure and contrast on the girl one to get rid of the gray- let me know if you want that version and I will gladly send it to you. Enjoy!

Monday, September 5, 2011