Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stop hitting yourself!

Hi there. For all 13 of you who follow this sad attempt at a witty blog, you will notice that this is our first post since Halloween. I pronounce it "hollow-ween" while Christina prefers the "hallow- (rhymes with shallow)ween pronunciation. I sound regal and majestic, whilst Christina sounds like an ill-bred guttersnipe. On an unrelated note, here is Isobel after emerging from a radioactive ooze and demanding cookie upon cookie. This was taken on Thanksgiving and she refused to eat anything else.

Cousins at Thanksgiving.

I spent a week in Calgary for work and had the the good fortune to visit Banff. This was the view outside the hotel where we had a luncheon.

Hersheypark with the Furrs and Co.

Isobel's Christmas dress, our 2009 Christmas tree, and a whole horse-drawn cart-full of non-denominational xmas cheer.

I took this picture in the grassy knoll outside our house; the light was great and Isobel was a very patient, if a bit bossy, model.

While this may appear to be a staged JCrewcuts photo shoot, Isobel has assured me that these fine looking young people were just doing what they do everyday: dressing up in classy clothes and jumping on rocks in the middle of a field.

I think we all can recall a time when this happened to us:


Sally said...

She is SO cute and SASSY. She is getting big fast. Is she all ready to play big sister yet? We're so excited for you all! I love your posts...kepp it up!

Nancy said...

I read your blog but you don't know me. However I know the VanWagenen's because my son has been bestfriend to Robert since they were 16. Isobel is adorableW

Nancy said...

Oops! Excuse the error's from my previous comment! I'm actually more articulate than it appears! I'm suffering from insomnia.

MomShiff said...

I am enthralled with the fur-afield picture of little I and it's on my desktop, See you soon.

Nicole said...

finally. i check your blog and behold! new material. thanks brooke for the laughs. and thanks christina for growing that baby!

Isa said...

ahahahaha :D