Monday, February 15, 2010

Celebrating a Birthday and Hoping for an Eminent Birth Day

A week ago, we celebrated Brooke's birthday with delicious Indian food and one HAPPY two-year old. As you can see, Isobel was much, much more excited about Daddy turning one year older than Daddy himself was.

We had store-bought cupcakes (one for Isobel and one for Mommy, since Brooke doesn't get excited about cupcakes). If you're curious about why we had restaurant food and no homemade cake for Brooke's birthday, see the photo after this one.

Brooke has been working really hard learning the ropes at his new job, and he also recently suffered a terrible and mysterious injury to his lower back. Despite all the stress and pain, he still spoils his fatty wife and demanding daughter. He is the greatest! I'm so glad he made it through the last couple of years to see the good times and exciting happenings of 2010.

Here we are at 38 weeks+1 day. Notice my unamused expression. I'm at the part where I start to think, "oh right, THIS is why women don't enjoy being pregnant." I'd especially like to thank little Babycakes for the recently acquired gestational hypertension, which has caused my feet to swell so much that I'm wearing flip-flops every day even though it's February!

But really, how can I complain when I've got this little honeybunny in my life? She has taken to hugging my ample belly and saying "I LOVE my baby brother!" Let's hope that she keeps thinking that once he's outside the belly.
Anyway, here she is, looking the way you'd look too if someone tried to photograph you in the bath. Actually, I think she looks a lot like Brooke here.


Nicole said...

hooray!!!!! a mommy photo!! i love it AND the expression. i WILL call you because i need to catch up with yo before he comes!!

Casey Joy said...

I love blog updates! Isobel is so stinkin' cute. Well hopefully you will go into labor seconds after reading my comment!We can't wait to see the newest Shiffler! Oh and I agree with Nicole about the photo of you.

Claire Cramer said...

Great update! It's so nice to see some shots of you guys. Happy belated birthday to Brooke, and early birthday to the new addition!

Isa said...

You look so cute (don't you hate it when people say that, while you yourself feel like you're inflated to the size of a not-so-hot hot air balloon).

Hope little S-man shows up soon!


Missy said...

Happy Birthday, Brooke! Isobel is beautiful, and you look great, too! Here's wishing you a wonderful birth (and soon)!

Missy said...

Uh, that comment sounds like I'm wishing Brooke a wonderful birth! Of course, I hope it's great for him, too, but that was directed at Christina. :)

Sally said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Brooke! You and Greg share the same birthday. I guess it was a good day :). Christina, you don't even look bloated. Hang in there and here's wishing all goes well in a few weeks. Can't wait to see pictures of him!

furrever said...

Christina, your wit is equal to Brooke's. This post really had me chuckling.

Happy Birthday old man! (I can only say that because you will always be one year older than me!)

P.S. I don't really like cupcakes either. The frosting is too sweet.