Saturday, March 17, 2007


This week marks the symbolic Kazakh new year called Nauryz. It's a non-religious Kazakh folk celebration of the vernal (spring) equinox and of the symbolic renewal of nature. So here is a picture of a shiny camel with tinsel-y flowers surrounding it which has something to do with the aforementioned holiday.

We do our grocery shopping in a mega superstore called Ramstore. Its mascot is a Kangaroo because there were probably once carnivorous kangaroos who roamed the steppe hungry for the taste of human flesh. And then the villagers got scared and formed an angry mob intent on wiping out the 'roos and they suceeded. I mean have you ever heard of a carnivorous Kazakh Kangaroo?

Here is a yurt. Its like yogurt without the "o" and the "g". We went to a craft fair and saw one set up. We didn't go inside for fear that they had those kangaroos in there.

Even though we didn't go in the yurt, we did buy this fine wall-hanging.

This is the Almaty Opera house interior. We took it the night we went to see Turandot.

That is all for now. If you want more, you'll have to send us a package. Then you shall have more than you can stomach.


Claire said...

How beautiful! I love that wall hanging! Glad to hear everything is going well!

Andrea said...

Hmm, you could always get your own yurt . . .

Actually, that looks kind of cool. :-)

I enjoy reading about what you're up to! And congratulations! ;-)

furrever said...

Just when I was beginning to believe that Borat really is mis-representing Kazakhstan, you go and post about yurts and carnivorous kangaroos.

Emily said...

That wall-hanging is really fine!