Sunday, March 25, 2007

Fatty Fatty Fat Fat

This is me in MY office. Mine. Me. At MY desk. Mine. It's ugly. And that big fat calculator over there? Mine. Mein.

We witnessed a wedding party prancing by. Actually it was more like 5 wedding parties. Everyone in the city has their wedding photos at the exact same three locations.
This is Igor. He is waving to you.

Welcome to Almaty's Green Bazzarrrrrr. Its the place to come for all of your produce, spice, meat, cheese, clothing, electronics and other needs. Your need is currently for Central Asian Salads. Here you be:

Red, yellow and green. and orange too.

Meet your meat:

A video is forthcoming. Details, like angry elves, shall be posted later.


Claire said...

Brooke, you look terrifying! Don't subtract me with your calculator!

Allison said...

Yeah...Claire's right. You look like you're plotting something evil. And I DO NOT like the looks of that oversized calculator.

Bobby said...

Wow. Thank goodness for the USDA. Do they put yogurt un-refridgerated in the middle of the aisle of the supermarket like they do in Romania?

furrever said...

I believe that's phatty phat phat.

Allison said...

'Meet your meat'...Copyright, PETA. Awwwwwwwwww YEAh.