Sunday, February 18, 2007

Black Cats and Turandot

Greetings party people in the place to be. I am called Brooke. Please hand over your monies in a paper or plastic bag or I'll sick Crispy on you so fast it will make our head spin.
We took a walk today to see some of the older parts of the city and the Almaty Ballet and Opera Theatre. We are going to see my favorite opera, Turandot, this Thursday at the said location. Christina tried to keep it a secret, but I am simply too wily for her. I am also too wily for that homeless guy who tried to get me to buy him Vodka-snap!
Here's me with Fatty-D.

One of the mostly walking streets in Almaty

The Almaty Theatre

O Solo Mio

In other'll have to wait.

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krudlow said...

It's good to see you two are getting some culture in while you're living in the frozen tundra! I miss having dinner at grandma and grandpa's house with you two. (This is Kristy, by the way.)