Saturday, February 3, 2007

Do the Hustle. Do it now.

Huh? What? Yeah, you heard me.
Last weekend we went downtown for a day of consumering. Christina got a brand new dress coat, and Brooke was so zen that he didn't buy a single thing. But rather wrote a haiku about how buying things is akin to hatred and suffering.
Oh wait, that's not true. We spent tens of thousands of Tenge on shiny new cellphones and backpacks and slippers. What you don't know is that the slippers are enchanted, and every time Christina puts them on she is forced to dance while humming "Do the Hustle."
Many of you have asked to have a window into our lives, yea, our very souls, and ye shall have it. In the form of a video. A somewhat grainy video of crappy quality, designed to take you where most locals fear to go. To see more, click here.
We have a dinner date looming, so here's some pictures of us on a walking street right downtown, not too far from the Bazaar, where we got some of our stuff:

And below, behold the enchanted slippers:


wendy said...

Hurray for the video! It made me acquire aspirations of producing the same, but I think I'll wait until I have an apartment that isn't owned by a man currently in jail(long story). Anyhoo, your apartment is lovely and spacious with all of its disco, turn-around bathroom wonderful goodness. It's currently -9 degrees Fahrenheit at my parent's in the U.P. of Michigan. How does that compare with balmy Almaty?

Dr. Pepper Chica said...

brookstina! love the videos! keep up the good work....until i can get away from wedding fever this year, i won't have any time or money to travel to random countries. i depend on this for some adventure!
hope all is well - stay warm!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Sexy slippers! I love them!

Benielle said...

I went from envy to mild discomfort back to envy while watching the apartment video. Sure the bathroom is cramped, but its a den of multi-tasking, something I might consider at our house (bbq grill in bathroom?).


Jacob said...

The opening sequence of the video was riveting. I couldn't tell whether Christina was about to be murdered in the stairwell or not. Kept me in suspense.

Judy said...

I found out why women wore shoes with the toes curled, as explained in Saving Fish from Drowning by Any Tan--"The curled toes lifted the hems of long skirts to prevent the wearers from tripping as they walked the long carpeted halls..."
Practical as well as fashionable!