Friday, June 24, 2011

A Project

Last weekend (on my birthday!) I spray-painted something for the very first time.
Well, ok, so Brooke actually did the first coat because I was afraid I would mess it up. And he did a great job. This lamp belonged to his grandparents, and I have always loved it. But I wanted to make it stand out a little more, and Nicole suggested spray paint. Check out the metamorphosis!

The whole endeavor took, like half an hour and cost about $2.50. We got the paint that is intended for plastic, so there was no sanding or priming and each coat took only 15 minutes to dry. Next up is Jude's dresser, which will soon be a lovely shade of green! In lieu of photos of the dresser, here's Jude himself, just waking up from a nap:
I love the yellow walls, but I can't take credit for them- they were already painted when we moved in. I haven't done anything in his room, but I do have plans. Isobel's room is nearly finished (or as finished as any room ever is) and I'll be doing a post with photos as soon as I finish this one last project that involves this gem:
I know, I know, you'll be in suspense until them. What oh what will Christina do with that $5.00 Patriotic Teddy Bear print from Goodwill?? You'll just have to wait and see.

In other news, Isobel and her BFF Shaina had ballet camp every morning this week and they were ADORABLE. And they loved it. And they were adorable, did I mention that?


Rod Van Wagenen said...

Those are my adorable grandkids there. -- Granddad

Casey Joy said...

I can't wait to see Isobel's finished room. I love the first picture of Jude and Isobel is such a cute tiny dancer!

the sleepy time gal said...

Oh! SO much to comment on. first, I LOVE the lamp! Beautiful. Second, I am dying to see what you are doing with the patriot teddies. CAN"T WAIT!

third, i love the shot of isobel looking very pensive.

Anonymous said...

Jude's skin is luminous! (I guess that's okay to say until he's five?) Isobel looks like a perfect ballerina! And I always hated the flecks on that lamp--- a nice transformation. Have fun on your next adventure...