Friday, June 17, 2011

The Coast!

At the beginning of this week we took a quick trip down to Wilmington with Brooke's parents for a little coastal getaway. We were only there for two nights, but it was a lovely retreat. We went to the Ft. Fisher Aquarium (which we also visited during our trip South at the end of January) and I bit my tongue, once again, about the hideous alligators.

I have a major problem with crocodiles and alligators. But the last thing I want is for Isobel to pick up on my fear and adopt it. So I try really hard not to show my discomfort, and you know what? Pretending not to be afraid has actually helped me to be a little less afraid, I think. So it's good for everyone involved.

It's getting easier and easier to take good photos of Isobel, now that she's old enough to understand what I mean when I say to hold still and look toward (or away from) the camera.

Contrast Jude, who has suddenly turned into an active toddler. You'll notice there aren't very many pictures of just Jude in this post. Can't you just see him begging to be let loose from the stroller?

And yes, we spent some time at Wrightsville Beach. It was glorious. Cool water, not too choppy, soft sand, empty stretches of beach... ahhhh. I handed the camera over to Brooke's parents, and they got some great photos of us all frolicking during the "golden hour" late in the afternoon.

(p.s. - Note my new swimming suit! It's my birthday present to myself! I'm so happy!)

Anyway, here are the promised beach photos. I love them.

I'm having formatting problems, so we're just going to let this last photo of me and Brooke be down below the Isobels rather than between them.
You win this round, stupid Blogger.


Rachel said...

Great photos, beautiful children, and AMAZING swimming suit. Seriously. I thought that before I read it was your birthday present, so I'n not just saying....It ROCKS!

Bobbijean said...

Love the format the bathing suit even more! And your children are just beautiful! Are my eyes correct in that yours and Brooke's swimsuits match! I think that's adorable!

Ryan and Rachel said...

Love it!! It makes me want to go to the beach SUPER bad! And the swimsuit?? Amazing. And I would have to agree with Bobbijean -- you do have some of the dangdest cutest kids ever!

Isa said...

I'm jealous of your rockstar formatting skills, I don't have the patience! I'm also jealous of your red bathing suit, where is it from, tell me, tell me now, I need it.

Oh, and happy birthday!

Isa said...

You did tell me, before I even asked! A link, woot. Thanks.