Friday, February 25, 2011


I can hardly believe that one year ago today Jude was born. A year sounds like such a long time for him to have been with us, but then I also think "He's still such a baby! Can he really be a whole year old?" And what a wonderful baby he is. He's so calm and sweet and (if I do say so my self) cute as a bug's ear. We love him to bits! I'm so happy to have him in our family.

To celebrate we had a nice little lunch party with our friends, The Warings (Ashley made the cool cut-out at left!), before Brooke left for a business trip this afternoon.

I think we'll leave the photo garland up for about a week, and then I'll dismantle it and put it in a photo album. I did the same thing for Isobel's first and second birthdays. I forgot to do it for her third birthday. Yeah, I'm a bad mom. So maybe it'll just be a baby thing. Actually, I think it'd be cool to do it as a New Year decoration, with the family's best photos from the previous year.
Those cupcakes are nutella flavored, and they were delicious. I have no idea why they're concave, though. Can any of you master bakers explain that to me? I followed the recipe to a T, honest!

Good times were had, especially by Jude. Can you imagine what it would be like to experience cupcakes for the first time? Talk about a red letter day for him. The only other time he's had sugar (to my knowledge) was about a week ago when Isobel sneaked him an Oreo. And he only had it for, like, 30 seconds before I snatched it away from him.

Happy birthday, little loverboy.


Megan said...

Awww, happy birthday Jude! Too sad I've never met you. I really think he gets cuter every day.

Kristen said...

One. Really? I swear it was only yesterday I was ogling those newborn pics and hoping my own kids will turn out that cute someday. Happy Birthday, Jude!

the sleepy time gal said...

hooray!!!! i am so happy to see all of the birthday photos! i love it all-- the cupcakes, garland (love that!), the little onesie, seeing isobel take more cupcakes.... wish we could have been there.

Jennykinscatfood said...

I love animals with people names. I would be okay with any of those names you're considering. Also, Stumpy Carlos. The problem with that one is that it's a male dog's name. :(

I love that picture of Jude, too. He looks so... I don't even know. I'm sure there is a word to describe his demeanor that I never remember to use but that I always say I want to start using. Your kids are the cutesiebuttonsest!

Jennykinscatfood said...

Oops. I commented on the wrong post. Mah B!