Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Isobel's First Birthday (fo all you haters who said it wouldn't happen)

It's another lush summer day in central Pennsylvania; at least it still feels like summer. The weather lately has been akin to an enormous dog incessantly panting on everyone from above.
Here are two nature girlz who have decided to be friends in spite of the recent downturn in the economy. (Props to Bobby for taking the first two photos.)

Bizzley salute!

The gang is all here, except for Isobel who is hiding.

Duck. Duck. Moose.

Christina created this photo garland to commemorate Isobel's first year in pictures. She is a talented woman and she is proud of her skills.

To get in the "Suzie Homemaker" mood, she got all gussied up.

Once her hair was just right, Christina made a Pumpkin Apple Harvest Cake. Isobel enjoyed her first cake, as you can see. I think she looks like she just heard a really corny joke.

"mY firST tAsTe of suGaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaR!"

Caroline was more excited for the presents than Isobel.

As for us, we are probably moving to Colorado and entering a new stage of desperation. Antidepressants are appreciated, but Benjamins are appreciated even more.


Anonymous said...


Only 17 years to go till freedom, hang in there. As for the Benjamins, just find one more friend named Benjamin.


The Bradshaws (est. 2004) said...

I can't believe she's already one! Good job keeping her alive and healthy in that year!

Nicole said...

we need more time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!