Thursday, October 28, 2010


I love everything about Fall, but pumpkins are sort of the physical embodiment of that love. Here is what I did last night:

Yup, I made that there Glitter Pumpkin, and it is the most perfectest sparkly thing since Edward Cullen. Plus it was an easy enough project that it would be pretty difficult to screw up, even for a person such as myself. (Thank you Martha or whichever of her underlings came up with this idea!)
In other pumpkin-related news, we went to a pumpkin patch last week, the same one we went to last year. The light was perfect and we were all feeling festive, so I took lots of pictures.

On Saturday we went to the North Carolina State Fair, which was, to be honest, kind of a bust. It was hot, crowded, expensive (Brooke paid $8 for a BBQ plate that tasted terrible), and Isobel and Jude weren't old enough to enjoy much anyway. But we did see cows, goats, some amusing T-shirts for sale, and some incredible pumpkins:

I've been eating lots of pumpkin-y sweets. LOTS. And because I can't not share something that brings me so much joy, I made a google document full of recipes. I haven't tried all of them, but the ones I haven't tried yet come from friends who are very reliable sources. So here it is, the pièce de résistance:
You'll note the absence of a pumpkin pie recipe. Here's the shocking thing: I don't particularly like pumpkin pie. I know, it's strange, given my passion for pumpkin. I think it's the custard-y texture that bothers me. Another glaring omission: I don't have a recipe for Pumpkin Cheesecake! Anyone have one to share?
**Edit: Master Baker Amy shared a Pumpkin Cheesecake recipe, so I've added that and fixed the blank page 6 problem. Enjoy!**
In closing, I think this is beautiful:
(Don't laugh. I lived in Nebraska for 7 years as a kid, so corn has sentimental value.)


KoreywithaK said...

I LOVE pumpkin pie! Also, I think there is something cool about the look/feel of corn. However, I'm sorry you lived in Nebraska? I drove through it seemed terribly boring...

amy said...

I have the ice cream book but the recipe didn't come up for me on your page-o-recipes. Otherwise, the recipes looked great and I'm trying some. I also sent you my pumpkin cheesecake recipe and I'll look for my pumpkin spice cake recipe to share as well. Jude and Isobel are adorable! I love this time of year :)

Casey Joy said...

Looks like a fun weekend. We can't wait for december so we can be all together. We think Amelie's eyes look like Isobel's as a baby.

the sleepy time gal said...

oh, i love everything pumpkin, too, and i share the same feelings about it in pie. not my favorite.

and i love the list you made. i want to try the pumpkin pancakes, definitely! by the way, there is a delicious pumpkin cheesecake i believe in the joy of cooking.

p.s. beautiful photos christina! i love the shots of the kids and corn! do you know what you should do next year, plant some pumpkins!

Megan said...

Thanks so much for the pumpkin recipes and I'm going to try some. I love your pictures and I also think the corn picture is very nice. I've only lived in Ohio 3 years and it even has sentimental value for me!

Christine Mains said...

Hilarious! I was eating pumpkin Pie while reading that you don'l like it. I use to never LOVE it or LIKE it brother in law showed up one Thanksgiving with a pie the he made all from SCRATCH. Once tasted there is no going back to the can for pie. Do use the can for anything and everything else baked with pumpkin, BUT for PIE use the real deal...cut, peeled, and purre the pumpkin. It is so DELICIUOUS!!!

Your kids are getting so big, I love the photos, especially of the corn. The blue sky is unbelievable.

I watched Martha on TV make the sparkle pumpkins. Your's is definitely BETTER!!!

Christine Mains said...

I'm wishing I kept one pumpkin now to put glitter on. Yours is so pretty, I want glitter in my house too. I love it when I get glitter out and I find it all over in the most random places.

I actually told Thomas about how one day SOON we need to take them to a renaissance festival. I grew up in Houston Texas where they have probably the biggest renaissance festival ever, and it is FUN!! Our kids love the Celtic Festival in Carlisle, and I can't wait to take them to a renaissance festival. Now that we have the clothes, it will be fun to take them before the grow out of their costumes. Thankfully they are a lot of fun to make, and rather simple so I'm sure I'll be making many knight costumes before they leave the house and go to College.

krista said...

I love the glitter pumpkin! It is so cute!