Thursday, June 3, 2010


Lasterday: (n.) any previously-occurred day; "Remember, lasterday was Christmas!"
(adv.) any time in the past; "Lasterday I was sick, but now I'm all better!"
Sickness may not seem like a blog-worthy event, but in our family it is. Isobel crashed on the couch (see photo above) twice in one day. This is something she has never done before, probably because she never gets sick. She had a pretty high fever off and on- up to 103.3F at one point, poor thing. While she was sleeping it off, togetherness time was enjoyed by Brooke, Jude, and Dagny. Well, "enjoyed" might not be the right word for Dagny's experience.

Jude told me he wanted a warm, black carpet with a layer of fat that exceeded the earth's crust (but with the same sulfur content). This, my son, is my gift to you.

Tonight, to celebrate Iso's return to health, we had a super-super, fun-fun, crazy-crazy, sweet-sweet, boondoggle of a time at Speedy's BBQ in Lexington. Isobel loved this pig that I (Brooke) called "Sweet wittle Dinner".


Megan said...

Harry's phrase is "lasnight" anything in the past is "lasnight" - so I was cracking up when I read this post. Quite similar!

the sleepy time gal said...

jude looks a little unsure, but brooke looks very satisfied in the photo. glad everyone is feeling better!

Isa said...

I'm happy to hear that health has returned to the Shiffler abode. Hope Isobel didn't catch the swine flu from all that making out with that pig.