Wednesday, June 23, 2010

eventful weekend

With my birthday on the 18th and our anniversary on the 21st, and Father's Day inevitably falling within a few days of them, we tend to have one EXTRAVAGANZA of a weekend every June.
Brooke and Isobel baked me a delicious birthday cake! Don't I look like I'm ready to take a fork in one hand and a knife in the other and just go to town?

Isobel decorated the cake (with a little help). Doesn't it look cool? A warning, though, DON'T buy this red icing, whatever you do. It tastes like the dentist's office. No, seriously, it tastes exactly like that bitter fluid that leaks onto your tongue when you have to have your mouth numbed. Novocaine, maybe? I don't know what made Miss Betty Crocker think it would be edible.
On Saturday everyone was still in a good mood and lookin' good. I cannot believe how big Jude has gotten all the sudden! He's like, a full-size baby! Regard!

And on Sunday, for Father's Day, Isobel gave Daddy the gift of cuteness:

I gave him the gift of one tasty dinner: Greek-Spiced Baked Shrimp with couscous and Spinach with Garlic. Oh, and some hip new glasses, too.
Then the next day, for our anniversary, we gave Isobel the gift of a babysitter, and took Jude with us to celebrate at Print Works Bistro. It's a pretty classy joint.

And Mmmmmmmm, the food was wonderful. It's hard to tell from the photo, but my tart was served on a wooden cutting board rather than a plate, which I thought was aesthetically pleasing and delicious. The tart, not the cutting board. Har har.

Lately it seems I can't write an entire post without mentioning food/recipes/eating. I think I enjoy these things because they feel productive and purposeful and yet, unlike most of my daily tasks, they still involve some element of indulgence.
And that reminds me- I'm hungry. Birthday cake? Don't mind if I do!


the sleepy time gal said...

oh i love all of the updating. jude is huge. the food looks better than our dinner will be. and isobel--lovely!

krudlow said...

Tom seems to think the red icing is made from ground beetle carcasses. That may explain the taste!

furrever said...

No offense Christina, but Brooke's meat and potatoes in the background look much better to me than your tart (although it looks pretty delicious as well).

Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a great time. As always, your kids look darling. Jude is growing so big!

Claire Cramer said...

I love hearing about food! Looks like a great weekend. Jude looks so much like you, I love it. Also, you look great! Brooke looks okay too. Looking forward to seeing you guys!

Casey Joy said...

Oh man I'll trade weekends with you. Robert and I think Jude is so cute and love his blond baby hair. Isobel seems to love the camera and maybe know a little to well how dang adorable she.Christina you always have Isobel in such cute clothes. Can't see everyone.