Monday, March 15, 2010

two and a half weeks

First things first: The Firstborn. She says, "TRAIN TRACK!"

And have you ever seen anything more beautiful than this? No. You haven't.

Jude looks a bit like my little cousin Kimball here, which is funny because generally I think he looks like Brooke and Isobel, and nothing like anyone in my family.

We celebrated his being two weeks old by going to Harris Teeter! Woohoo! It's surprising, the things that become exciting/taxing when you have a newborn. He wore an actual outfit for the occasion, complete with PANTS and SHOES!!!!!!!

Shoes detail:


Missy said...

Both of your kids are cuties! Love the shoes!

Nicole said...

what a man! i love the outfit for the occasion! and isobel's hair is REALLY long!

Christine Mains said...

So cute!!! He'll be playing with trains too in no time with his big sister. I love that she is playing with trains. I want to get my neice a brio train set for her 2nd birthday. I love it when girls have just as much fun playing with trains as little boys do, they are amazing!!! Owen won't sit for anything unless he is building a train set or a race car track.

I love the "little man" shoes!!!! Too cute!!!!

krista said...

So cute! It is so fun when you can start putting real clothes on babies!