Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Zoo and Pennsylvania, or: I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger.

The Shiffler family proudly strode around the zoo this last weekend, much to the delight of our youngest member, Whatsherface. Here I am, sniffing the air with my tongue. I found the scent/taste of poo poo to be offing.

Below you will see Helga Swegenfaaaasbordismansdooooter who adopted our gypsy baby "Stanka," meaning glorious government. In English, Stanka means "she who has few teeth and will not go more than an hour without suckling her binky".

Owen Mains had his very first wild shindig of a birthday party, and tiny tiny midget people from all over town came to celebrate in the hairy-footed festivities. One of them did a jig on the table, but alas, this photo was taken before the pixie sticks were passed out.

Isobel: One written word is worth a thousand pieces of gold.
Caroline: Books are fun. The Wiggles are fun. Johanna steals my toys and Grandma and Papa said I can have a big piece of chocolate!
Johanna: 1-2-3 fishy apple.
Isobel: Ba! Meow! ya ya ya. hasof?

Valkyrie Isobel the Vanquisher spreads terror and woe amongst the humble townsfolk of Harrisburg International Airport.

Next we have Uncle Brian at the airport with Caroline. If their smiles were energy, they would power the entire island nation of Nauru.

Larry, Krista, and Ava visited from Utah while we were visiting Pennsylvania. We had a nice lunch and talked about grownup things for nearly an hour. Here we see Ava and Isobel who, looking skyward at the exact same moment, said in unison: "A UFO! Finally a sign that there is intelligent life in the universe besides you and me and the chimpanzees!"
But, wouldn't you know it, those tricky E.T.s were gone in a puff of smoke as soon as we grown-ups turned around.

*photo by Larry Furr


Isa said...

Muahahaha, that's one scary uncle Brian. White sneakers, military hair cut, cheez smile. I didn't believe it till now, but: Your guys really are American, huh.

furrever said...

We sure are enjoying the return of BrookStina Domestic. I was thinking that you guys ought to record a TMBG-styled song entitled "Brookstina (Not Brookstinobel)" and have it playing in the background when people come to visit your blog.

Nicole said...

i checked out your blog a while ago, and just realized i never commented on the exciting photos. it was so fun having you all here.

i can't wait for you guys to stop through here hopefully on your way to NC.