Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bizzilla, lady of the pumpkin patch.

Welcome back. I wouldn't recommend checking your brokerage account. It's probably in the toilet and you are thinking: it can't get much worse. OMG!!!! PUmpKiNS!!! We think Isobel looks like Ava here.

Behold, the next photo's uncanny resemblance to...

This is Isobel striking a casual, "I don't care 'bout your rules because I'm a hipster"-type pose that belongs in one of those teen magazines that has boys dressed like punks and girls like librarians. Feel the angst.

From this angle she is as tall as the second story window. I call her Bizzilla!


robbyvdub said...

OMG! She is as cute as a bug's ear. I can't wait to see you guys (hopefully at Thanksgiving time).

P.S. my word verification thing says "giphenk" which sounds uncannily like "g-funk" which was my rapper name back in the 80's.

Nicole said...

caroline and i have wanted the pumpkin video over and over... can't get enough.

Shineah said...

Isobel is a tough cookie! I LOVE it! We should put Fé and her up for a fight and see who will win (I'm guessing Fé because she has vampire teeth and she'll bite!), but Miss Isobel might kill with a look.