Friday, July 18, 2008



furrever said...

What, no 6-pack of Bud Lite and carton of Virgina Slims amongst the "things Isobel likes"?

Seriously though, she's a darling little crawler.

Sally said...

Oh, this post makes me feel that we aren't alone in our "what our baby likes" phase. I love the fact that all the toys are off to the right hand side and she's going for the electronics. Those were the exact same things that made Katie crawl! Isobel is SO stinkin' cute. I love her smile. Hopefully, she won't give you too much trouble now that she's on the go. Take care!

Christine Mains said...

Isobel is a doll. I love that she is crawling and wanting all of the electronical toys, and car keys. I gave Owen my car keys this week to play with, and already at 4 1/2 months he was shaking them around and having a blast.