Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stop hitting yourself!

Hi there. For all 13 of you who follow this sad attempt at a witty blog, you will notice that this is our first post since Halloween. I pronounce it "hollow-ween" while Christina prefers the "hallow- (rhymes with shallow)ween pronunciation. I sound regal and majestic, whilst Christina sounds like an ill-bred guttersnipe. On an unrelated note, here is Isobel after emerging from a radioactive ooze and demanding cookie upon cookie. This was taken on Thanksgiving and she refused to eat anything else.

Cousins at Thanksgiving.

I spent a week in Calgary for work and had the the good fortune to visit Banff. This was the view outside the hotel where we had a luncheon.

Hersheypark with the Furrs and Co.

Isobel's Christmas dress, our 2009 Christmas tree, and a whole horse-drawn cart-full of non-denominational xmas cheer.

I took this picture in the grassy knoll outside our house; the light was great and Isobel was a very patient, if a bit bossy, model.

While this may appear to be a staged JCrewcuts photo shoot, Isobel has assured me that these fine looking young people were just doing what they do everyday: dressing up in classy clothes and jumping on rocks in the middle of a field.

I think we all can recall a time when this happened to us: