Monday, July 13, 2009

Jumpin' Jehosaphat!

The MEiBos family reunion was held in Joseph, UT. It is the only town in America where everything is still in black and white.

An abandoned miner's hovel yielded this treasure of fine design and asbestos.

Isobel used very old, very dark magic to make this building collapse (the spell included words like 'Baby Einstein', 'park' and 'shimmering scales of the Dire Naga'. Don't mess, y'all. Christina says "Git the HECK off my land!"

A pensive Isobel stares at the 'big people' with wonder at Cove Fort.

A few Shifflers and a few more Van Wagenens, lookin' sooooo good.

This face is "the look" of the season. Patent Pending.

We tried to sail to Freedom, but alas! At the end of our journey we were still in Utah.

Choot Chooooooot!