Monday, May 12, 2008

7 months to the day

Isobel is 7 months old!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Bizzley Beastmaster

Isobel has gotten serious about food and also about the little people that live in it. You probably didn't know that there are colonies of tiny people in baby food. Well, there are and she told me just the other day that it is her right as Indo-European oppressor to smash what she calls the "Orange Revolution".

Now here is an expensive item at Target. Or so I thought. A few moments before I snapped this photo a manager from the aforementioned establishment said, and I quote "That baby is cuter than a sack of sugar but I wouldn't pay more than $8.99 for her! Plus I drive a fuchsia Geo Metro." That is the third time someone has said that to me this week.

*snarl hiss claw swish bite scream with delight* repeat

Island baby with her haole daddy.

Isobel likes to swing, but is not a swinger.

Ma baby joined the infant naval core where she is forced to wear silly hats and roll around on the floor whilst cooing and laughing at nothing in particular...or wait that is what Christina did to prepare for her piano recitals.