Saturday, October 31, 2009


Merry Halloween to all the queens (you know who you are). A title befit for our daughter in the picture you see before your primitive earth-man eyes might be Lady "Shazaaaaam" Stardust Superfly Isobel. She has more sass than a peeved Simon Cowell. So THERE!

A pensive Isobel brandishes a stick with which to "learn all them po white trash, like that Emmie Slattery, an' hit that Rhett so hard, he gonna think that Ashley done wholloped him wif a ho'shoe!"

click on this picture to see a bigger version if you want to check out Isobel's TWILIGHT EYES!!!!!!

Lady #1 "Ugh, who is that awful man with Isobel?"
Lady #2 "Isn't that Pierce Brosnan's son, Froken?"
Lady #1 "No, Froken has better abs"

We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of....OMG IT'S STEPHANIE FROM LAZY TOWN!!1!11!1!!

And I think that lion just turned into sweet, sweet version of GRENDEL.

Isobel is very proud of her teeth (that she will have all of on her seventh birthday, we hope). We trick or treated on this All Hallows' Eve and then celebrated by lighting a bonfire and casting the bones of slaughtered livestock into the fire. It's all great fun!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Baby Melchior is on his way!

Hello loyal subjects and serfs. Due to the recent downturn in the economy, we have decided to have another baby to prove that we are tougher than everyone said we were. So there. Oh and it's a boy, thank you very much, because daddy made it so. Here is little Melchior snuggling up to the placenta (as we are all oft wont to do now and again). He looks JUST like Isobel! ... and just like every other baby in a 3-d ultrasound photo.

Regard, the royal foot and leg:

Melchior, or just 'Chior as I like to call him, is due February 28th. Quoth he: "I can't wait to meet all y'all and try on all of the very manly outfits you bought me at Janie and Jack and Gap Kids.
And to Isobel, you best watch out girl, 'cause Melchy's 'bout to take your place as MACITSFIMHOLOL (Most Adorable Child in the Shiffler Family in my Humble Opinion. LOL.). Peace."

Monday, October 12, 2009

Isobel is two years old.

Christina and Isobel frequent the park across the verge as they will take any opportunity they can to get away from me. Here is Isobel at the baseball diamond wondering if mommy's hand signals are indicating for her to steal home or charge the mound.

The North Carolina zoo is chock-full of animals of all sizes and means. Here are some animals who, lured by the offers of Mr. Dark to live out their secret fantasies, have become bound in service to the carnival (or zoo in this case) as beasts of burden. Christina suggested riding the carousel backwards, but I know (as do many of you) what would happen if they were to do that. Shucks, y'all! Next picture!

Bruce and Judy came to visit because they heard Glen Beck was in town passing out autographed hate mail for the small price of everlasting and unwavering allegiance to him. It was great. Anyway, this is in Old Salem where people churned butter and stuff. Overall though, it was a pretty fun place.

A farmer offered us a hay ride and we took it. Isobel enjoyed the ducks by the eerie green bog.

On her second birthday Isobel was buried in gifts of all makes and models. She liked all of them except one. None of you shall ever know which one that is. Cute!

Chocolate monster likes her desserts rich and her toys unbreakable.