Sunday, November 30, 2008


I used to be sorta in the closet about my love of Twilight, but since the release of the movie I've decided to just go ahead and embrace it. Jenny has been a catalyst, since she has read the books 4 times and is still an interesting and intelligent person. We decided to go all out and have Twilight Day last Thursday. We made Twilight-inspired food: Vampire Cupcakes and Irritable Grizzly.

And Coagulated Blood to drink.

We looked like vampires, too. Well, we tried. I ended up looking more like Stephenie Meyer. Isobel should totally be cast as Renesmee.

Jenny's eyes are red because she's not hungry.

And here's Isobel moving superfast-

That night we went to see the premiere at 12:01am. We were excited, but tried to retain our vampiric cool.

We met some friends there. Here are Maren and Marelyse looking like Jenny's movietime snacks: