Monday, May 17, 2010

Stawberries and Baseball

This last Saturday was the most fun we've had since that Saturday when we went to Raleigh, the weekend before Jude was born. It's wonderful to feel like we are adjusted enough to the new 2-child arrangement that we can actually get out and enjoy ourselves every once in a while.

We picked our own strawberries at Rudd Farm and it was AWESOME. There were perfectly ripe, red strawberries everywhere you looked; I haven't had such good fruit since Kazakhstan. Isobel ate at least as many as she contributed to our basket. Do you like how I strategically dressed her in a strawberry-colored shirt?

I don't think I can overstate how gloriously delicious these strawberries are. This picture doesn't do them justice.

And tonight I made a small army of chocolate-dipped strawberries. I wish the lighting were better so these would look more appetizing. They really are beautiful in real life.

That evening we went to a minor league baseball game: Greensboro Grasshoppers vs. Hickory Crawdads. Yes, those seriously are the teams' names. I love living here.
Jude disapproves of the Grasshoppers because they lost by lots of points.

But we had a great time anyway with our friends, the Carpers, and (because?) all of the children were remarkably well-behaved!


Andrea said...

Mmm, strawberries . . .
Congrats on getting out with a 2-month old! :-D

BTW, our baseball team is called the Albuquerque Isotopes . . . how geeky is that?!

the sleepy time gal said...

so many things to say.... isobel reminds me of blueberry's with sal with all the strawberry on her face. jude is still so beautiful. i love the names of the teams, too!!! so happy you got out and did something fun. don't you feel powerful taking the whole gang out and doing something?

Casey Joy said...

Wow were all pretty jealous of you here in c-springs. We want a fun family outing with miss Isobel and Jude. He is so cute!

Claire Cramer said...

Wow, Jude is so handsome! His eyes are so similar to yours. Go dark eyes! Reading your post made me so happy, it sounds like you've been really enjoying yourself and adjusting to the larger family. Also, Isobel and Brooke look great too, and I love the new glasses!

Claire Cramer said...

P.S. Those strawberries look amazing and delicious. We're having an early spring but of course we can't compete with North Carolina's climate. Also, what are you carrying Jude in and do you like it?

Megan Muhlestein said...

yeeeeuuummm! I love strawberries! The picture of Isobel's strawberry face is so perfect.