Wednesday, August 12, 2009


While in the Salt Lake City Isobel screamed "Gimme a photo shoot pronto or I will make this trip a living hell!" every 35 seconds until we capitulated. She describes this piece as "my pensive look that Barack Obama has when he's trying to look into the future."

Photo by Little Dream Photography

Despite leaving Colorado with naught but bitter resentment and sworn revenge in our hearts we managed to fit in this family photo between fits of choking on our own rage.

My new home for classes for the next long while.

Greetings from the site of a terrible terrible Twas between the good guys (Union) and bad guys (Confederate slave-loving jerks). The good guys won, btw. This is a tower from which the Union troops bungee-jumped in celebration immediately following their victory.

Where there is a need: Target provides. This pool may be filled with water, but Isobel's heart is filled with the spirit of good cheer and sorority with her fellow water creatures. Any change donated to "Little Isobel Einstein's Wiggly Curious George Pool Fund" will be promptly thrown to bottom with the exclamation: "Nummy!" (that's Isobelspeak for "money!")

I picked that shirt out, ladies. I still got it.


Claire Cramer said...

Haha, you guys are horrible. Congratulations, and have a great time living it up in the South. :-P

Isa said...

I'm sensing a disconnect between the title and text of this post. Congrats guys. :)

Nicole said...

love it, except that part about the south... augh... and where is your current dwelling, might i ask???? :)

furrever said...

So are you guys expecting?

Brookstinobel said...

Yeah, we forgot to mention it in the post, and we also forgot a title. So we decided to kill two birds with one stone. EDD: Feb 28, 2010.
P.S. - We LOVE the South. :) Seriously, we do.

furrever said...

Congrats! We're so excited for you guys!