Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Flying Bizzle

The Shiffler family had an eventful holiday season filled with cheer, nearbeer, and sheer unclear queer(unusual) fear of King Lear. We hosted a party this year for all of our friends of old who, magically, have all grown up and borne children of their own. A picture from the party

The winter months can be lonely and dark and can drive a person to do strange things....strange and unusual put your cat in a dress for amusement. Note the obvious shame.

There were also matching Christmas dresses for Caroline, Johanna and Isobel.

Some say that music can tame the savage beast, or at least the savage Izzle Bizzle.

Arushi, international development expert and part time model, holds Isobel at a Cuban restaurant in the District.

Isobel bids you farewell.


Sally said...

I watched that video twice - she is just darling. I love her laugh! Looks like she will grow up to be a very musically spoiled (and talented) child. I can't say as much for the cat, though :). So glad you had a nice visit with Ben and his family. It's great you guys stay in touch after all these years.

CAG said...

You guys freakin' crack me up yo! Top two favorite images:
1) Dagney in the dress (we shamelessly dress our dog as well)
2) Christina playing the piano with Isobel strapped in.
Thanks for the link add. We will get you on our family blog as well.
l8er sk8ers (homage to Al Yizzle)

Erin said...

Don't you LOVE the Ergo?


The UnMighty said...

Is that a "French Maid" outfit the cat is wearing?

Jenica Cogdill said...

Is that LYNNE??