Saturday, November 24, 2007

A smile!

In other news, Brooke's looking for work within a couple of hours of either of our families. So we'll probably be either in the Denver area or the mid-Atlantic region. We'll be in Carlisle starting December 19.

That is all.


furrever said...

How fun that you'll be in Carlisle! That means we'll get to see you when we visit for Christmas. We'll have to get together so that we can catch up and see your adorable little Isobel. Good luck to Brooke in the job hunt. I'm sure the right opportunity will come along shortly.

Jenica Cogdill said...

Hi!! I can't tell you how cool it is to get little glimpses of your lives and see a picture of your daughter via the web. Good job on the gene pool! She's adorable. Later skaters! (Jen Tannenholz) P.S. If you want to move to Oregon, I've got the hookups for you.