Sunday, May 6, 2007

Petrov's Panned Pizza

Welcome to our home. We have been feeding Dagny new catfood that claimed to give her XRay vision on the back of the box. Christina laughed. Now who's laughing?

Christina's obvious weight gain. She can't lay off the Magnum bars here. Obviously neither can Dagny.

This is our new piano named Petrov. He is brown and instead of feet, has two cute wittle gold pedals. He enjoys Radiohead, improvisation, quiet walks through the Almaty streets, milkshakes, and jumping rope.
Alicia Keys, comments about his weight, bungee jumping.


Benielle said...

didn't know they still made the pin strip piano


furrever said...

Nice piano. How does Petrov feel about traveling to the USA? Krista says Christina looks very cute with her belly bump.

Anonymous said...

Brooke looks as if he is working hard (or hardly working),

Christina looks radiant,

Dagny looks radioactive,

and the New Piano Petrov looks as he could have a mammoth wine bottle excavated from his side.

I would love to hear the clear beautiful notes of Christina's music billowing toward me---

or the thrill of hearing a new composition or arrangement from Brooke.

Your place now looks very comfy--complete in a way that it didn't before.

Mom S.

Claire said...

Brooke, Dagny, Christina, Petrov: you all look radiant! Or, er, radioactive. Glad to see spring in Kazakhstan is agreeing with you. We miss you tons! Give each other all hugs for us!